Returning to Edinburgh after a hugely successful premiere last year, Confetti and Chaos – previously The Wedding Reception – brings all the madness of a family wedding to the George Hotel for a night of tears, fights and laughter in heaps.

Centring around a surprise party celebrating the wedding of Stacey and Will, this high-energy farce is a fantastic return addition to the Interactive Theatre’s Fringe programme.

Confetti and Chaos is immersive theatre at its best, engaging with its audience from the very outset. As ‘guests’ gather outside, the ‘venue staff’ are mingling with the audience and starting the entertainment from the get-go.

The two-hour long performance also includes a basic, yet enjoyable, three-course meal, served to the audience as if they were at a genuine wedding reception.

As Stacey, Nerrine Skinner flaunts her funny bones with hilarious comic timing and a command over new husband Will (Otis Waby) that any new spouse would enjoy. The pair work incredibly well against each other, with particularly riotous moments when Will’s secret ex-partner comes to light.

Arguably taking charge of proceedings is Father of the Bride/Best Man, Hayden ‘Dan’ Wood. His ability to play multiple characters is comedy gold, and, as the Best Man, is as hilarious as he is charming.

Helen Colby joins last year’s cast as Mother of the Bride Lynn, but also as everyone’s favourite drunk aunt, Marge. She slots into the troupe seamlessly and wastes no time in getting familiar with the guests. She’s clearly made to act in this immersive setting, with quick quips delivered without even thinking.

The four-strong cast play multiple roles with gusto, each accomplished and bursting with energy. The piece never relents from full-blown chaos and is brilliantly compiled to incorporate all the disasters that could possibly go wrong at a wedding.

The plot has changed slightly from last year’s offering, as well as the show’s name, but the big laughs are retained and the improvisation ensures that no two shows will be the same.

For a night of laughter, frolics and family feuds, look no further than Confetti and Chaos.

Confetti and Chaos at Imagination Workshop until 26 August

Originally published for Broadway World UK