Photo: Jeremy Daniel


More than a decade after its premiere, Mischief Comedy’s Peter Pan Goes Wrong embarks on its latest nationwide tour with a brand new cast and a chaotic storyline that is as entertaining as ever.

Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society is bracing itself to take on its latest production – Peter Pan. This JM Barrie tale is a classic – which couldn’t possibly go wrong… right? 

The perils of amateur theatre have rarely been exploited as well as by the Mischief Comedy team, ensuring no end of problems in this laugh-a-minute production at Glasgow’s King’s Theatre.

The audience might be in stitches – and there might well be medical intervention for the cast too, if Cornley Polytechnic’s track record is anything to go by.

Dysfunction on this scale is no easy feat, yet the technical mountain to climb is easily scaled with a first-class cast. This relatively small troupe plays multiple roles with the ridiculous precision that’s required for things to go so terribly wrong. 

Much like its predecessor The Play That Goes Wrong, and subsequent productions like Groan Ups, Peter Pan Goes Wrong sends up its subject with real love. It’s no secret that this trio of writers really value the very art form they poke fun of.

Anyone who has ever participated in community theatre will relate to this larger-than-life story. They say there’s more drama off stage than on and this production brings every juicy detail to the spotlight – from unrequited love to sky-high tensions between principals.

Like its predecessor, Peter Pan Goes Wrong does suffer from chuckle fatigue. Though building strong from the outset, there is a saturation point for slapstick comedy and some elements are just too predictable.

Despite this, the production stretches itself over two hours without feeling too laboured. While the televised version managed to pack its punch in half the time, it does fill a full evening with ease.

This organised chaos is a technical feat not to be underestimated and the backstage team soak up a well-deserved bow when the curtain falls.

At its heart, this is sheer entertainment. Expect belly laughs aplenty on this swashbuckling send-up. Peter Pan Goes Wrong is a night of theatrical hilarity that is not to be missed.

Peter Pan Goes Wrong at Theatre Royal, Glasgow until Saturday 9th March 2024, then touring



Tue 27 Feb – Sat 2 Mar

Eves: 7.30pm
Mats: Wed & Sat 2.30pm

GLASGOW Theatre Royal
Mon 4 – Sat 9 Mar

Eves: 7.30pm

Mats: Thu & Sat 2.30pm

Age guide: 8+

Running Time: 2 hours including a 20-minute interval

Photo: Jeremy Daniel