The Scottish winter is harsh, cold and miserable. So as the rain batters the streets of Glasgow, what better way to escape than to jet off to a jukebox musical full of sun, laughs and love that will have you dancing in the aisles when the curtain falls.

The brainchild of Nativity writer Debbie Isitt, I Should Be So Lucky brings together the chart-topping hits of Stock Aitken Waterman and a rib-tickling love-heavy script that will fill you with a warm glow to last all week.

This Valentine’s week kicks off with a wedding – but celebrations are quickly thwarted as jilted bride Ella is left at the altar.

With the holiday already paid for, the honeymoon must go on – and Ella’s not short of company as the whole family comes along for the trip.

This delightful Turkish tale would crack even the coldest of hearts this winter, injecting a hearty dose of laughter and lashings of camp and colour into our weary grey world.

The songs alone merit your ticket price, with everything from ‘Love in the First Degree’ to ‘Toy Boy’ and ‘Too Many Broken Hearts’. You’re bound to know every song, emphatically delivered by George Dyer and the live band.

It’s simply impossible not to be pulled in by this feel-good soundtrack. Weaved into the story in a far less clunky way than its Greek-island-inspired cousin, the star of this show is the music.

Celebrating love in all its forms, Isitt’s script takes her audience on a journey that will be relatable to everyone. Love isn’t easy – and this story really does have it all.

Jukebox musicals so often rely on a flimsy storyline and half-baked, one-dimensional characters. This larger-than-life cast burst this hilarious story onto the stage, delivering every twist and turn impeccably.

Lucie-Mae Sumner shines as protagonist Ella, covering a wide range as she rides the rollercoaster of emotion. 

Scott Paige brings sass in beach-bucket loads, complete with a kaftan and Pina Colada. Melissa Jacques brings real depth to the occasion as mum Shelley.

Jamie Chapman and Jemma Churchill are no strangers to Isitt’s shows and prove to be real scene-stealers in this show. They ramp the laughs up plenty! 

Aside from this mammoth cast, Tom Rogers set is a love-heart-inspired delight for the senses. From the pokey terraced house fronts of the North to the vast beaches and ballon-filled skies of Turkey, it elevates the show to the top of the charts.

Crank the stereo to 11, pack your shades and set sail for a sun-filled Valentines holiday that will not disappoint.

This feel-good fiesta isn’t around for long – and tickets are almost sold out. But I Should Be So Lucky is a sure-fire winner that will slap a smile on your face quicker than you can apply your Factor 50!

I Should Be So Lucky at King’s Theatre, Glasgow until Saturday 17th February 2024, then touring