Meddling with a classic is a risk but the medium of pantomime proves the perfect opportunity for Webester Memorial Theatre to do so in its first venture back to pantoland since 2019.

This pantomime does exactly what it says on the tin, as JJ Christine inserts Puss in Boots to the otherwise familiar story of Rapunzel. 

From the outset, this all-singing, all-dancing show is a winner. It might not always make sense (Princesses don’t tend to fall for animals…) but it will always make you smile. 

Its bright and bold sets are skilfully lit and, under the musical direction of Robert Newth, an eclectic mix of songs gives a fizzing energy to this show. 

Dame Britney Shears (Aaron Usher) brings all the panto traditions that the audience is looking for, with ridiculous costumes and hilarious slapstick routines – but keep your eyes down as she hunts the crowd for a lumber!

Rod Matthew’s side-splitting Fairy Godfather is a ridiculously clever twist on the classic fairy. His deadpan-turned-overexcitable magic pixie gets stuck into the action and delivers a delightful song in his wellies.

As the semi-titular Puss in Boots, Finlay McKillop is a joy to watch. He’s got a brilliant voice and a cheeky charisma perfect for this frisky feline.

Chloe Foston’s wicked stepmother brings the boos but can’t help getting some cheers for her rocking songs.

A fantastic community cast features heavily in this production. The sprightly youth cast from Dancemania is given ample time to share the spotlight with their professional co-stars with beautiful dance breaks.

This hilarious show has something for everyone and is packed full of local jokes. It’s a real gem in Scotland’s East Coast that will cover you in glitter and fill you with a festive fuzz.

Rapunzel featuring Puss in Boots at Webster Memorial Theatre, Arbroath until Saturday 24th December 2022