Peter Pan must be one of Scotland’s best known tales – but what happened next to the boy who never grew up?

In this year’s festive feast in Scotland’s capital, The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan sees Wendy returns to Neverland where her beloved Peter and Tink are in grave danger. 

With fairy dust dwindling, can Aunty May, her daft boy Smee and their merry band overcome the evil clutches of the boo-inducing Captain Hook once more? 

This side-splitting sketchbook broadly shuns plot for full-throttle belly laughs. Routines are jam-packed into two sixty-minute halves – elevated to new heights in this new and improved adventure that graced Aberdeen’s stage last year. 

This year marks Allan Stewart’s 25th appearance in Edinburgh as Dame and his beloved Aunty May shines as brightly as ever on her silver anniversary. 

Opening with rocking Shania Twain hit Giddy Up, a worldwide hit penned and produced by his son David, Stewart bounds around with a seemingly endless energy, pumped full of laughs to spread across the thousands who hang on his every word each performance. 

Aunty May’s gormless son Smee (Jordan Young) is a raving (literally) ball of happiness, particularly for wee ones. He’s got the moves to match Mick Jagger and the facial expressions to split sides. 

If it’s fairy magic you’re looking for, Edinburgh’s pantomime might just have found its newest shining star in Rebecca Stenhouse, whose trainer-donning Tink brings a joyous sparkle to proceedings with a voice that brings the house down. 

No pantomime would be complete without a baddie – and this one drinks up all the boo-s he can get!

Grant Stott’s slippery Captain Hook whips his audience into a screaming frenzy of boos and hisses – yet he’s one of the few baddies in the country that can get the laughs in too. 

Dance troupe Flawless might be superfluous to this already packed agenda – but who is going to demand moderation at Christmas?

While Peter (Kieran Lynch) and his pals are firmly in the back seat for this production, rest assured there’s sword fights, flying and even a ferocious croc to look out for. 

You’ll leave with a spring in your step, a song in your ears and fairy dust in your hair at this year’s packed festive feast! 

The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan at the Festival Theatre, Edinburgh until 31st December 2023