The world’s biggest pantomime arrives at Glasgow’s OVO Hydro in a full-throttle pantomime immersive adventure that exceeds all expectations.

On paper, this production shouldn’t work. Holding the attention of hundreds of people in a theatre is hard work in a traditional pantomime – doing it for thousands in a huge arena seems impossible.

But this production does just that, with a no-holds-barred adventure that captivates and entertains in one. 

Jordan Conway is a fizzing ball of energy as the titular Peter Pan, bounding with a seemingly endless energy as the boy who never grew up. Conway could well have been born to play this role, buzzing around the vast auditorium without breaking sweat.

Headliner Boy George embodies baddie Captain Hook with ease. His nonchalant saunter on and off delivers all the contempt for his audience that Hook calls for, and fans of the singer will be delighted with his renditions of some of his biggest hits.

Crucially, these songs don’t take away from the broader story being played out. Expect pirates, fairies and flying aplenty!

This panto is full of mischief and laughter from the outset. With big musical numbers, stunning dance routines and jaw-dropping acrobatics, even the hardest to please can’t deny the sheer spectacle that unfolds over the evening.

Pantomime is no stranger to innuendo and this production takes things dangerously close to inappropriate for inquisitive youngsters – but just about gets away with it in a fast-pasted flurry.

There is a substantial effort put in to protect the traditional elements of pantomime while adding in the spectacle of an arena show. 

It’s a superb evening of swashbuckling adventure that defies the cynics. Don’t miss it!

Peter Pan at OVO Hydro until 30th December 2023, then touring

Image Credit: Adrian Patrick