Spin. Measure. Cut. The Thread of Life… In an exhilarating ride into myth and imagination renowned Scottish director Al Seed and award-winning Australian choreographer and dancer Lina Limosani are set to plunge Tron audiences into the story of the Fates of Greek mythology as part of our spring season.

Limosani is joined by dancers Kialea Nadine-Williams and Mara Hulspas to play the three Fates who spin, measure and cut the thread of life, creating an emotionally charged dance- theatre performance which weaves together themes of mortality, freewill and sisterhood.

The Spinners brings the Fates down to earth and re-imagines them living in the heart of a sprawling city. From their humble apartment they oversee the births and deaths of all human beings. Drawing thread from their own bodies they weave mannequins, imbuing them with the breath of life. When a human life is nearing its end the corresponding mannequin is committed to the ether…

The Spinners marks a continuation of Seed and Limosani’s exploration of cross-artform collaboration and demonstrates how contemporary dance can provide a vehicle for intelligent and provocative storytelling – so offering new perspectives on dance itself, as an artform. This project is also a celebration of female-centric dance-theatre and a timely exploration of the female figure in ancient mythology.

Lina Limosani commented: “When long-term friend Al Seed suggested to me the Moirai – Greek Goddesses of Fate and Destiny – as a theme for a collaboration, I did some research and could see that this – and related stories – were saturated with magical images which could be explored through dance and physicality.”

Seed has received Total Theatre, Fringe First and Herald Angel Awards for work presented at Edinburgh Fringe, and a Jerwood Foundation Award for such shows as Raw Beef, The Fooligan and Oog. Limosani has won a number of awards for her latest work Not Today’s Yesterdays, in particular, the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Dance.

The Spinners @ Tron Theatre
24th – 25th April 2020, 7.45pm

Tickets available – www.tron.co.uk