Staging a story that’s not often tackled in the pantosphere is a bold move – but one that ultimately pays off in this fun-filled Aberdonian adventure from TaleGate Theatre.

Blurring the lines between the classic fairytale and Disney’s own take on the story, fans of Tangled won’t be disappointed. 

Rapunzel has the chance to escape the tower her evil stepmother has locked her in as she turns 18. With the help of a gaggle of panto pals, Queen Gothel faces the power of good deeds to right her wicked ways.

Coordinating the hilarity, Philip Napier’s Nurse Nelly could easily hold the command of audiences ten times the size of Aberdeen’s brilliant Arts Centre. The Doric dame’s got the patter arsenal to rival the big guns and a real warmth – even when this Dame sets her eyes on an unsuspecting man!

Megan Wright’s transformation from Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother last year to evil Queen Gothel in Rapunzel is inspired. This wonderfully wicked baddie can bring the house down with a killer belt and seems to bathe in her newly discovered evil side a little too well!

It’s not uncommon for a Prince to be suited and booted – but this story’s Prince takes things to a whole new level. Xander Gordon might have a moon boot on but he’s like a whippet chasing his fellow cast around the auditorium!

As in previous years, what Aberdeen’s Arts Centre lacks in resources it more than makes up for in effort. It’s a fully immersive production that really gets you engaged in it.

Local young people bring real class to dance routines, offering everything from full-energy pop numbers to delicate ballet-style pieces.

Perfectly proportioned at two hours, with little story to chew through it does end up in indulgent routines for their sake.

It doesn’t have the polish that last year’s stunning Cinderella had but TaleGate continues to punch well above its weight. Rapunzel is a joyous show that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Rapunzel at Aberdeen Arts Centre until 24th December 2023